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Business & Sponsorship Opportunities with FormulaSpy.com

FormulaSpy is rapidly growing and we’re making it possible for you to advertise on this website. Since starting in March 2013 we’re already seeing a large increase in traffic looking for the best collection of news, features and results covering Formula 1 & Formula E.

There are options for advertisers all over FormulaSpy, including:

  • Banner ads on our homepage/articles, sidebar advertisements, as well as ads located at the bottom of articles.
  • Sponsorship of special regular features. These include race features such as Team-Mate Battles for each and every round of Formula E & Formula 1, race reports for both series, as well as our weekly opinion pieces and ‘Top Ten Tuesday’.
  • We sometimes have special placements available on BuySellAds. Otherwise we’ll be available to target via Ad Words. Alternatively if you’re an affiliate and want to talk, get in touch.
  • Site Takeovers – FormulaSpy regularly receives offers for site takeovers. If you have any proposals, then get in touch.
  • For the most comprehensive coverage on FormulaSpy, we can give all site advertising space to you for a race weekend/multiple weekends/full season. Background takeover and all competing advertising removed. For full availability or costs get in touch.
  • Sponsorship – Despite FIA accreditation, the logistical costs behind our attendance at an event are self-paid. If you would like to sponsor FormulaSpy’s attendance at a Grand Prix or test, get in touch with your proposal.
  • News aggregation – If you would like to run our articles as part of an RSS feed or aggregation based site, please get in touch via email info@formulaspy.com. We are extremely open to these proposals.

Traffic Breakdown:

FormulaSpy’s traffic figures are available on request from interested parties.

Our audience is primarily English speaking, due to our content being English language. This graph displays the breakdown. 49.4% of our visitors have their languages set to US English, 24.3% to UK English, with the remaining large 15.3% set to undefined. The small sections represent a mixture of visitors whose languages are set to Spanish, Finnish, German, Polish & Danish.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 18.27.50


Location-wise, FormulaSpy’s biggest audience is UK based, with 31.5% of our visitors based there. 16% are US-based, with 6.7% of our audience coming from our home market in Ireland. The 25.5% come from users who have regions undefined or are visiting via proxy.

Australia, Canada, Germany & Denmark are our next highest visitors, each averaging around 5%.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 18.32.18


As you would expect from a young site, the majority of our visitors are new. 2/3 of visitors to our site each month are new visitors, with a 1/3 returning as we have built up a loyal following over the last 18 months.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 18.19.47