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Luke Murphy

I've been a motor racing fan since the late 90's, enjoying the underdog stories, the history and the technology of the sport. Graduate of Huddersfield University with a BEng Motorsport Engineering Degree and a keen amateur karter.

Rookie Review – Mid-Term Report

It’s very rare to get a season where there aren’t at least a couple of debutantes to the sport, and this year has been no exception with no less than 5 rookies (so far!) competing against motor sports elite. As the halfway point of the season has been and gone, its time we took a look at newcomers, assess how …

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Nurburgring – The Facts

With just a one week gap between the British and German Grand Prix, you won’t have much time to prepare yourself for the Championship continuing this weekend at the Nurburgring. So here’s a few facts and stats to get you ready for round 9.

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Silverstone – The facts

One of the major events in the British sporting summer will soon be upon us, the prestigious British Grand Prix. For those of you caught up in the pre-race hype or for those looking to learn a little more about the historical venue, here’s a few snippets of information and interesting facts to whet your appetite.

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The True Ability of Nico Rosberg

At the moment it’s very difficult to find a place in the pecking order for Nico Rosberg. Is he on par with the Vettels and the Alonsos of this world? Or merely a midfield runner? If so, whereabouts in the midfield? He’s clearly quick, but I don’t think it’s ever been determined how quick he really is. Looking back on …

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