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The Team

  • Aron Day

    Aron has been a life long F1 enthusiast, keen to pursue a career in the sport. He is an enthusiastic track day driver, having visited Silverstone, Nurburgring and Spa Francorchamps. He is one of the co-owners of FormulaSpy.com and acts as writer and editor.
  • Chris Stevens

    Chris is one of the graduates of a new blogging era of journalism. Moving from that to fully blown websites, covering Formula One and Formula E, has seen him become an FIA accredited journalist. He also podcasts with various websites and recently was accepted onto the Autosport junior programme.
  • Brian Grabianowski

    Interned at a newspaper for several years after high school doing car reviews and various articles before freelancing for a racing magazine in Palo Alto, CA from 2012-present. Currently earning BA in Journalism at San Francisco State University with a passion for Formula 1 Motor Racing and intend on earning an M.A. in Automotive Journalism from Coventry University.
  • Catriona Henderson

    Catriona is currently at university studying Psychology and has been a fan of Formula 1 ever since her childhood, where watching the race each Sunday with a roast dinner was (and still is) a family tradition! Other interests include travelling (when she can afford it!) and listening to music.
  • Cregor Elliott

    A lifelong Motorsport fan who has been a photographer on the Irish racing scene for 15 years. Also involved in video production, onboard camera supply, writing, and organizing race meetings. Regular contributor on Motorsport.ie Downhill mountain bike racer, & keen gardener.
  • Damien Mulhall

    Damien is obsessed with everything and anything car related, and has been following Formula 1 ever since the days of Damon Hill's Williams career.
  • Henry Kleinespel

    Henry has been an avid F1 fan since his childhood, watching races in the "Schumi era" with his father. He is now studying engineering in Paris, and everything related to motorsport and technology fascinates him.
  • John Wall

    John Wall is an Irish freelance journalist who joined the FormulaSpy team in December 2014.
  • Kayleigh Hooton

    Kayleigh has been a Formula 1 fan since she was a child, watching races with her dad from a young age, but has enjoyed going to race weekends as an adult. She's a fully-trained journalist working for a craft magazine publisher, looking to pursue a career in motorsport journalism.
  • Phil Pugh

    Massive F1 fan since the late 80's when Nigel Mansell was his hero. Attended his first Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1995 and witnessed Johnny Herbert's first ever F1 win.
  • Sarah Jane Mogford

    Sarah has been a keen F1 enthusiast since childhood and makes the annual pilgrimage to Silverstone. She wrote the book 'Moonraker & JCL Marine Ltd - Colin Chapman's Boat Industry' - www.moonrakerboats.com
  • Collin Hunt

    Collin Hunt is FormulaSpy's North American correspondent and reported on college baseball and the Asian Football Confederation's World Cup Qualifying cycle before joining the FormulaSpy team full time in August 2014.
  • Frank Parker

    Frank writes regular news and features on both Formula E and F1. Passionate about anything on four wheels, he's an avid fan of grassroots motorsport. A racing track (and the Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough) is his natural habitat
  • Luke Murphy

    I've been a motor racing fan since the late 90's, enjoying the underdog stories, the history and the technology of the sport. Graduate of Huddersfield University with a BEng Motorsport Engineering Degree and a keen amateur karter.
  • Seb Scott

    Sebastian is an FIA accredited Formula One journalist and Motorsport engineer. He lives and breathes Formula One, especially the technical aspect of the sport. For a unique insight behind the scenes at a Grand Prix, especially tech related pictures, check out his twitter @sebscottf1
  • Thomas Maher

    Thomas Maher is one of the founders of FormulaSpy.com. He is an FIA-accredited F1 journalist, as well as working in the Irish radio industry. Hobbies include writing, music, and polishing his beloved Mitsubishi FTO. Check him out on your social network below.