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Classic F1

Niki Lauda – His Own Man and F1 Hero

Andreas Nikolaus Lauda aka ‘The Rat’, is not a typical F1 driver. His non conformist style, determined character and relentless persuit of his dreams make him one of the great personalities in F1 history and this is portrayed in the forthcoming film ‘Rush’.

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Fangio’s Greatest Win – Nurburgring 1957

Most people within the F1 community have different thoughts on what the greatest F1 victory ever was. The days of past heroes such as Senna, Prost, Schumacher, Hill & Stewart duking it out to claim the laurels and the plaudits are all very high up there, but today, let’s look at one of the most definitive masterful victories, a triumph …

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1982: The Year Team-Mates Went To War

What we saw in Malaysia on Sunday was a tale of betrayal between team mates. A tale which has not reached its conclusion. Here, we take a look at the most infamous display of team-mate betrayal. A tale which reached a very rapid and tragic conclusion.

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Remembering Mark Donohue

Mark Donohue was one of the daredevil drivers of the 1970’s. He exuded boyhood charm, was a speed demon behind the wheel, and was a legend of US racing, with wins at Daytona, the Indy 500, and Trans-Am Champion. He was racing for Penske’s F1 team in 1975 when tragedy struck at the Austrian GP…

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