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Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen Testing Test Barcelona
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Raikkonen: 2017 cars “like they used to be”

Barcelona testing – Kimi Raikkonen has given a positive verdict on the new generation of Formula One chassis, having completed 200 laps across the four test days.

The Finn was at the wheel of the Ferrari SF70H on days two and four of the first pre-season test, and managed to set the fastest time on both days.

Speaking after the final day of the test, Raikkonen confirmed that there were few setbacks in during his time at the wheel.

“It’s normal testing and it’s been running smoothly,” said Raikkonen, “no issues and more or less like we planned.

“It’s a good start, but there’s more work to be done next week.

“We wished to do more here and there, but it’s just what we managed in four days.

“Where we’re going to end up, we don’t know. So far it’s good.”

Raikkonen added that he was a fan of the new chassis regulations, which have resulted in faster lap times at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

“Obviously they are different, these are quite big rule changes. There’s more grip and the cars are faster. They are different, but [the cars are] more like they used to be. I like them.”

Despite being present for the entirety of the sole wet weather test day, he believed the artificial conditions resulted in inconclusive running.

“Obviously it’s hard to say from the few laps that we did. It’s always hard when they have to wet the circuit, it’s never the same as when it rains.”

To view the full results of the final day of pre-season testing, click here.

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  • Sebring71

    “More like they used to be”. For Kimi, let’s hope it’s like an MP4-20, only reliable.

    • bobmendon

      He was talking about from a driver’s standpoint and it’s true. They are more physical and with a ton of downforce. It’s going to fun watching the younger drivers evolve with these cars. They haven’t had the experience of driving cars like these before. I’m not surprised Kimi likes them.

      As for reliability, aside from Vettel running out of gas, there hasn’t been any incidents on track. They have got in a lot of running.

      • Sebring71

        Well yes, that’s exactly what I was referring to. The cars in the era of the MP4-20 had a ton of downforce, hence the grooved tires, which the FIA imposed to take away some mechanical grip. In ’05 the FIA tried to take some aero, but the teams found ways to add bits. They were grippy as hell. Kimi in that car is still the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in F1 (albeit aided by the fact that the McLaren’s Merc engine was the best on the grid), more so than with the ’07 Ferrari. I think the 2017 car will allow Kimi to drive the car with the rear end, as in the former era. The past 3 years of the formula didn’t suit that part of his style.