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Roborace’s DevBot runs at Donington

After its unveiling at Silverstone last week, Roborace’s DevBot completed a lap of the Donington Park circuit under AI control.

DevBot is the stock car that Roborace teams will be developing their software on. The chassis is based on the Ligier JS P3 car, therefore it has space for a driver as a precautionary measure during testing.

Otherwise, the car features the same drivetrain, sensors and computer systems that will be on the Roborace car.

After Formula E’s pre-season test session, DevBot was sent onto the Donington Park circuit for a demonstration. The first three laps were completed with the driver in control, before the AI took over for a complete lap with the driver still in the car with the ability to override control if necessary.

Shortly afterwards the driver stepped out of the car and DevBot started to lap by itself. However, at the final corner the car came to a stop on the edge of the track. It was quickly announced over the tannoy that the car has been stopped by the marshals as a precautionary procedure.

DevBot successfully lapped the Silverstone circuit under AI control at its unveiling last week, after nine months of private testing.

Roborace is due to take during the 2016/17 Formula E season, with the autonomous racing series attracting technology, research and university teams who will have six months of experience with the car before the Roborace season begins in full.

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