2021 F1 concept shows Formula E is “the place to be” – Piquet

Inaugural Formula E champion Nelson Piquet Jr. says the 2021 Formula 1 concept design shows that FE is “the series to look at”.

Images of the concept design for F1’s 2021 regulations were published during the Singapore Grand Prix weekend. The design was likened to that of the Gen2 FE car, which will make its race debut in December.

Both are considered to be of a ‘futuristic’ design with stripped back aerodynamic downforce to improve racing.

“They just brought out the future of F1 cars, and I thought it looked so much like a Formula E car. It seemed like they copied the design. Definitely it shows we are now the series to look at,” Piquet said at the launch of the Jaguar I-Type 3 on Wednesday.

Piquet compared the current state of the championship, which has a new manufacturer and team entering for the 2018/19 season, with Mercedes and Porsche also coming onboard for the following year, to its first season:

“I think since season one, you can’t even compare it. People even laughed at us when we did the first season and now it’s the place to be, where all the drivers and manufacturers want to be. Everybody’s looking into being in Formula E.

“It’s been incredible what’s happened in five years to the series. To imagine in season six there’s going to be two more manufacturers joining us, it’s going to be unreal.

“But it’s funny, people still question themselves a little bit, and us – why Formula E? But every week, every month that goes past is news of drivers and manufacturers coming in.

“It’s incredible and I’m really happy and grateful to be here and hopefully I’ll still be here for a couple more years with a few more championships.

“The only thing I want Formula E to change is to have at least 20 races a year. I want to be racing every weekend if we could. But I’m sure that will come with time.”

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