Video: Sebastien Ogier set loose in the Red Bull RB7

World Rally Champion gets a spin in title winning F1 car

4 time World Rally Champion Sebastien Ogier was recently invited by Red Bull Racing to Austria, with the intention of putting him behind the wheel of their title winning RB7. Ogier, who also leads this year’s title battle as WRC hits its summer break, travelled to the Red Bull Ring in Austria to drive an F1 car for the first time. Visibly excited, he said: “As a kid I was watching (Ayrton) Senna, he was my idol, and of course I was dreaming one day to try this kind of car.

“For a racing driver to have fun you need to be fast and a Formula One car is the fastest car you can drive, so of course every racing driver wants to feel that one day.”

“It was awesome. Of course, it was very different from what I’m used to and what I’ve driven before. But it was so much fun. It’s super quick, but you also feel comfortable in it very fast. Obviously I only used exactly what I needed to, the paddle shift and going in and out of the pits, so nothing too special there. The only thing I messed with was the traction control, gradually switching it off so I finished complete without it. The car became so nervous without it, and you have to be really smooth with the throttle. I think I am more competitive in rallying than I would be in Formula 1!

“To be honest, I think rally is the best. I love rallying, it’s so fantastic to drive all day on different surfaces. I’m so grateful to Red Bull for this chance, but I’ve got to keep my feet on the ground. I know I’ve got no chance at changing career, it was just good fun!”

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