Alex Peroni discharged from hospital in Italy

Five days after his terrifying crash at Monza, Alex Peroni has been discharged from hospital and will continue recovery at home in Australia.

The young Tasmanian driver, racing for Campos in Formula 3, was involved in a huge accident during last weekend’s Saturday race at Monza. Running P6 in the closing laps, he ran wide through Parabolica and over a sausage kerb used to deter the F1 drivers from widening the track to their advantage. However, Peroni mounted the kerb and was launched into the air.

Flipping end over end, his car landed heavily upside down on the tyre barriers before bouncing and landing right side up. A spectacularly terrifying crash, Peroni climbed out and walked to the medical car for a check up.

His injuries proved slightly more serious than initially though, with him suffering from concussion and a fractured vertebra. Doctors carried out an MRI after a few days of stabilisation and concluded that he wouldn’t need surgery. As a result, Peroni was discharged from hospital late on Wednesday night and will fly home to Tasmania for rest and recovery.

On doctor’s orders, he has to wear a back brace for at least 30 days and is not permitted to do any training or exercise. He is now ruled out of participation of the remainder of the F3 season and is also very likely to miss his planned debut at the Macau F3 Grand Prix in November.

Peroni’s manager, David Quinn, said: “In the accident Alex suffered concussion as well as a back injury when his car landed heavily after being launched high into the air by a trackside kerb, While Alex is in good spirits and keen to resume racing as soon as possible, the first priority is his full recovery which will necessarily take time. Therefore everyone, including Alex, needs to be patient.”

Peroni is aiming to be back in 2020, assuming his recovery is complete and financial support is in place. Quinn says that securing funding has been tough for the young Tasmanian: “For the past four seasons it’s been a constant struggle just to contest one international junior series each year, let alone pay for additional out-of-series track testing, simulator sessions and non-championship racing that some other drivers are able to fund. All of these activities make a significant contribution to success at this level.”

“Many of Alex’s competitors have substantial family and/or corporate backing to provide these additional opportunities. To them, unexpected costs, such as accident damage, are no object.

“We’ve been operating on comparatively shoe-string budgets each year, so the Monza accident presents a further challenge for us. But everyone in Alex’s fundraising team is committed to doing what we can to support his recovery and journey towards Formula 1”.

To support Alex Peroni’s 2019 FIA Formula 3 campaign, tax deductible donations can be made via the Australian Sports Foundation at

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