Azerbaijan Grand Prix practice session cancelled

Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Grand Prix – The first practice session in Azerbaijan has been cancelled, after a manhole cover incident means lengthy track inspections and repairs are needed.

The first practice session in Azerbaijan has been cancelled after just twenty minutes. Williams George Russell was powering down a straight when the front of his car appeared to explode. This turned out to be due to a loose manhole cover that was sucked upwards as he drove over it and tore the underside of his car apart.

With concerns over the state of the track and the other manholes and drains, a full track inspection began under red flag conditions.

Adding to the problems, another incident then happened under the red flag. George Russell’s car, loaded onto a recovery truck, was being brought back to the pitlane when the recovery truck hit a pedestrian bridge. This caused some damage to a crane that then began leaking fluid all over Russell’s car.

The truncated session saw just two cars set times: the two Ferraris of Charles Leclerc & Sebastian Vettel. Noone else had done more than an installation laps, while the two Mercedes drivers hadn’t even had the chance to manage that.

Breaking story. More to follow.

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