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Bottas close to grid penalties after receiving new power unit for Silverstone

Old power unit sent back to Mercedes for further assessment

British Grand Prix – Valtteri Bottas will use a fresh power unit for this weekend’s race at Silverstone to enable the team to assess the power unit which was used in France and Austria.

As a result of the Finn’s retirement from last weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix, his second power unit has been sent back for assessment.

Although his race retirement was due to a hydraulics problem and not related to the power unit, Mercedes are assessing the unit for any damage due to the rising temperatures which occur when a car stops on track.

He will be penalty-free for Silverstone, but taking a new power unit means that the Mercedes man is on the cusp of receiving grid penalties, should he need to use more power unit components.

“Valtteri will take a third PU this weekend. This is a precaution after we suffered high temps on his second PU from heat soak following the retirement in Austria,” a Mercedes spokesperson said.

“So he is taking a fresh one here then we will run the other one again in Hockenheim to check it properly.”

For this weekend, Bottas will receive his third internal combustion engine, MGU-H, and turbocharger, as well as a second MGU-K.

Whilst the rules allow a driver to reuse earlier power unit components, if he has to take any more of these components, then he will receive grid penalties.

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