Correa ‘grateful to be alive’ as he updates social media

Juan Manuel Correa has personally updated social media for the first time since his Spa accident, saying he’s accepted his circumstances.

Formula 2 driver Juan Manuel Correa has taken to his social media to personally update his followers, for the first time since being hospitalised at the end of August. Correa was involved in a high speed accident during the Formula 2 feature race on the Saturday of the Belgian Grand Prix weekend. He collided with the already crashed car of Anthoine Hubert at the fearsome Radillion corner, suffering severe leg and lung injuries as a consequence. Hubert would, tragically, pass away from his injuries an hour later.

Correa, due to his lung injuries, was initially placed into a coma and on an ECMO machine to help him breathe and for his lungs to recover. Once he recovered sufficiently, he underwent leg surgery to fix the damage to his right extremity. So far, his recovery since coming out of the coma has been positive.

In the video statement released on Tuesday night, Correa said: “I’m back, I’ve decided to come back to social media. It’s been a very rough five weeks since the accident. Obviously, I’ve never said it publicly but I want to give my deepest condolences to the Hubert family. It’s been such a shock to everyone that such an accident happened. You never really think something like that can happen and especially not to you…until it does.”

“I’m just grateful to be here. Obviously I have a long road of recovery and it’s still uncertain if I will ever recover to 100%. I am grateful to be alive, and to the people who have been with me the past five weeks. I’m very grateful to my family and for the support over the past few weeks. Without them, I would not have made it. This has changed my life and how I see things and how I think about life in general. It has been a life-changing experience and i want to thank all the support and messages from people I don’t know personally. I’ve read almost all of them, spending all day reading and trying to answer as many as possible,” Correa continued.

“I want to tell you that I will read all of them eventually – thousands of them! I can’t get it done in one day but thank you so much, it means so much to me. I have accepted what happened and I can only be positive now and work as hard as possible to recover as fast as possible. The plan will be to have another surgery next Monday, that should be the last surgery here in London. Then, at the start of November I should be able to go home to Miami to see my siblings and start my full recovery which, according to the doctors, should last ten months to a year.”

“Then, maybe I can tell how my right foot is. At the moment, I have a metal frame there that doesn’t let me move my foot at all as it recovers. That will be there at least eight to ten months. I am positive, and theres’ nothing else I can do. I can feel sorry for myself and be depressed, or get on with it and be positive and get on with my recovery. I will keep you updated personally, and thanks to my media team for all the updates. I’m very happy they did that as they were nervous about doing that without consulting me but that’s what I would have wanted.”

Separately, Nathalie Gabert, Anthoine Hubert’s mother, issued a plea on Twitter asking the motorsport community to help the Hubert family track down Anthoine’s babykart that he began his motorsport career with as a young child. Some twelve hours after issuing the request, she posted to say that the kart had been found.

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