Defiant Lowe confident of position at Williams

Paddy Lowe believes he and the Williams team are “working very well” amid suggestions that his position at the team is under threat.

Following the delays to Williams’ 2019 testing schedule, the future of Williams’ technical director Lowe has been called into question.

The car lost two-and-a-half days of track time and the team have had to condense their running over the remaining days.

When asked about his confidence in his position at the team, Lowe responded by saying that stability – rather than a change of management structure – is better for long-term team performance.

“No, I haven’t paid attention to those sorts of subjects in the media. I’m working very hard, there’s an awful lot to do, we’re working very well as a team and as a company,” said Lowe.

“What I’ve observed in Formula One over the years is that there’s a habit of changing the people when things don’t work. What I’ve also noticed is that the stronger teams are the ones that do exactly the opposite, because every problem, every difficulty in a team is an opportunity to learn. Not only to not repeat it, but to be even stronger next time.

“Every difficulty will be regretted by the competition, because we will come back stronger.”

Lowe added that the reasons for the original car delivery delays were still not known, but admits the complexity of the cars have caught the team out.

“That is a very complicated matter and frankly I don’t know the answer yet, because it will take a lot of investigation and analysis.

“I can say two things. Firstly, there wont be a single answer, it wont be a matter of saying ‘that thing went wrong’ and so on, and I would say that, looking at it as a whole, in general the thing that has caught us out is the sheer quantity and complexity of parts produced to make a Formula One car these days.

“We didn’t have all the parts we needed to run a car on day one, and I’m sure that was a strong factor and that we’ve got that estimation wrong.”

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