Extra DRS zone added at Red Bull Ring

Austrian Grand Prix – Race officials have added an extra DRS zone for this weekend’s race in Spielberg.

An extra DRS zone has been added for this weekend’s race at the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

Along with the existing DRS zones along the back straight at the highest part of the circuit between Turns 3 & 4, as well as the zone along the start/finish straight, an extra one has been added between the exit of Turn 1 and close to the end of that straight which leads up to Turn 3. The zone ends where the track curves left and turns slightly uphill, specifically to put the downforce back on the cars for the slight curve.

All three zones will have separate detection zones. If a car is within a second of the car in front through a detection point, DRS will be available along the next zone.

With overtaking proving difficult this year due to the disturbed air thrown off by the high downforce 2017 cars, extra DRS zones are becoming more common. Australia had an extra one along the back straight, while the Canadian Grand Prix three weeks ago also had an extra zone introduced, although it made no difference to the amount of overtaking seen at the circuit.

DRS Austria

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