Fernando Alonso enthusiastic after McLaren shakedown

Alonso drove the MCL33 at Navarra for filming day

McLaren’s Fernando Alonso couldn’t hide his smiles after taking his new MCL33 for a spin at the team’s filming day in Spain.

McLaren launched their new Renault powered MCL33 at the venue on Friday morning, as they prepared for a busy day’s filming at the circuit.

With 100 kilometres running permitted for the filming day, Fernando Alonso was given the honour of taking the new car for its initial shakedown runs and, when he climbed out, he couldn’t manage to suppress a grin as he explained his first impression of the car:

“It felt great!

It’s always a special moment driving a car for the first time. It felt really good, so I’m looking forward to doing a proper lap now.

It’s only 50 kilometres for me, 50 kilometres for Stoffel [this afternoon], about ten laps each and we’ll be behind equipment and camera cars so not much speed really! It’s more a case of getting the pedals, the seat, the comfort right. We might do some small temperature and bodywork changes.

Today is just emotional. It’s been an intense few months at the factory and behind the scenes and I’m very proud of everyone. Today arrives, the car is running and everyone is happy!

The good times are coming – that’s the message. Motivation is very high – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! The last few years have made us a stronger team and we will see the result of that this year!”

Alonso’s major F1 successes have been won with Renault power – he drove for the marque in his championship years 2005 & 2006.

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