Fernando Alonso to drive Jimmie Johnson’s NASCAR

Departing F1 driver Fernando Alonso will get to sample NASCAR machinery later this month, when he climbs into Jimmie Johnson’s car in Bahrain.

The two motor racing champions have been teasing a car swap for a while now, in a series of videos released on social media.

On Friday, a new video was released. While sparse on details, the tongue-in-cheek video reveals the pair plan on swapping cars with the venue set for Bahrain on the 26th of November.

Johnson, the 7 time NASCAR Cup series Champion, currently races a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for Hendrick Motorsports, which he will hand over to Alonso, who in turn gets out of the cockpit of his MCL33.

Alonso won’t be the first of the current F1 grid to try out NASCAR. Kimi Raikkonen took part in two truck races in Charlotte back in 2011, before he made his return to F1 with Lotus. Alonso’s experiment with the Chevrolet is, for now, just for fun but there is no theoretical reason why the Spaniard might not choose to head off to the States. For now, he remains committed to his Toyota racing program in WEC and is still more likely to end up in an IndyCar than a NASCAR, particularly if McLaren opt to enter that series full time in 2020.


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