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Ferrari change run plan for final two days of testing due to crash

Ferrari have changed their plans for the final two days of pre-season testing, after being forced to miss most of Wednesday due to a crash for Sebastian Vettel.

Ferrari spent the majority of Wednesday sitting on the sidelines, trying to figure out the cause behind the failure that sent Sebastian Vettel flying off the track. Heading through Turn 3 halfway through the morning session, Vettel suffered some kind of left front mechanical failure and was thrown off the track into the barriers. While he was brought to the medical centre for checks, these were purely precautionary and he was released shortly after.

The initial plan was to get Charles Leclerc, who was scheduled to drive in the afternoon anyway, back out in the repaired SF90 as soon as the car was fixed but, due to Ferrari needing to be fully sure of what caused the failure, Leclerc only managed to get back out on track with five minutes remaining.

In light of their reduced track time, Ferrari have thus decided to change their run plan for the last two days. Charles Leclerc will drive the entirety of Thursday, with Vettel taking back over for the final day on Friday.

“Clearly, we have not done as much running as we would have liked” Sebastian addressed media after the crash.

“But I’d still say I’m getting a positive feeling from the car. Last week was definitely productive as we completed a lot of mileage and also yesterday, we were able to make up for the track time lost in the morning”.

“I was going into Turn 3 and I had a feeling there was an issue with the front left corner of the car and from then on, there was nothing I could do to avoid the impact. The good thing is I am totally fine and, by the end of the day, thanks to a great job from the mechanics, we even managed to get the car back on track.”

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