Ferrari fined for Leclerc fuel infringement

Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Ferrari have been given a fine as a result of their fuel declaration infringement on Charles Leclerc’s car at Yas Marina.

Ferrari have been given a 50,000 euro fine for their fuel declaration infringement with Charles Leclerc’s car on Sunday at Yas Marina. Unusually, Charles Leclerc took part in Sunday’s race with an investigation hanging over his car before the race even began. This was after the team were found to have declared the fuel load on his car as ‘significantly’ different to what the FIA Technical Delegate Jo Bauer recorded before the race started.

As a result, the matter was referred to the stewards, who confirmed they would investigate the matter after the race. Leclerc raced as normal and enjoyed a competitive race to finish in P3 on the podium, having been P2 during the opening stint after passing Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

Following the race, Ferrari representatives met with the race stewards and the verdict was handed down.

The stewards said that Ferrari had breached a Technical Directive on Leclerc’s car, which is a notice to teams of how something has been interpreted by the FIA regarding the regulations. However, it is not a binding rule under the Sporting or Technical Regulations. As a result, Ferrari’s transgression was deemed a breach of the FIA’s International Sporting Code, namely Article 12.1.1.i which states “Failure to follow the instructions of the relevant officials for the safe and orderly conduct of the Event.” This triggered a 50,000 euro fine, but there is no sporting penalty.

“TD/014-19 required teams to declare the amount of fuel that they intended to put in the car for the laps to the grid, the formation lap, the race, the in-lap and any fire-ups that would be needed.” said the stewards.

“The Technical Delegate was able to confirm the fuel mass put in the tank by checking in accordance with the procedure specified in TD/014-19. There was a difference of 4.88kgs between the team’s declaration for car 16 and the Technical Delegate’s measured fuel mass. The team’s declaration was therefore inaccurate and constituted a breach of the Technical Directive.”

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