FIA teams up with FIM for new circuit paint standard

The FIA is to work together with the motorcycle racing governing body to develop a new circuit paint standard to improve safety.

In an effort to improve circuit safety standards across their respective series, both the FIA and motorcycle racing governing body FIM have teamed up to work on developing a new paint standard. This standard will be applied for use on track limit marking, kerbing and asphalt run-offs.

This standard paint will include various parameters, such as pre-determined friction levels, as well as visibility, luminescence and wear under a variety of conditions. This standard will mean drivers and riders can expect the same paint properties at every circuit they encounter over the course of a year – meaning the days of some circuits kerbing being more treacherous than others will be in the past. The paint standard will perform consistently in both wet and dry conditions, with the FIA statement saying this will reduce the potential for accidents due to sudden grip loss.

Manufacturers wishing to make up paint for this purpose can view the FIA/FIM requirements here, with the FIA publishing an up to date list of homologated paint standards on their website as they are accepted.

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome this collaboration with the FIM on a number of safety projects.” said the FIA President Jean Todt. “By uniting our two governing bodies on safety, it means we can advance standards for all forms of motor sport worldwide.”

With the FIA and FIM due to team up for further safety developments in the short-term future, FIM President Jorge Viegas says the fact that both car and motorbike racing share the same circuits mean a joint effort to improve safety will benefit both sectors of motorsport: “The FIM and FIA share circuits around the world. A collaborative approach to safety standards will not only simplify the process for the industry but will also ensure the highest level of safety for competitors worldwide.”

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