Formula 1 issues images of 2021 concepts

Singapore Grand Prix – Formula 1 has revealed its first look at what F1 cars in 2021 could look like.

With new rules intended on being introduced for 2021 with the aim of improving the car’s ability to follow each other more closely, the first images of what the cars could look like have been released.

With F1 set to introduce new, simpler front wings in 2019, the cars themselves should become less disturbing in terms of airflow for the cars behind with the regulations set for wider changes for 2021.

Ross Brawn, speaking at the Singapore Grand Prix in his role as Managing Director of F1, revealed images of what the concept car could look like, and said: “Once the cars get within a few car lengths of each other, they lose 50% of their downforce.”

“That’s a substantial amount of performance lost. So, we set about understanding why that was happening and how we can improve it. I’m pleased to say we’re at about 80%.”

With the cars disturbance from cars in front set to fall to around 20% from the current 50%, the focus is also on ensuring the cars still look great, with sculpting of the Halo to suit the cars more becoming a priority: “We want cars that look better than what you see in a video game, cars that kids want to have up on their walls.”

“At each stage, as we have been evolving the car, we’ve had someone we are working with create a graphic representation artist to give us a feel of what the car could look like.”

Lewis Hamilton posted a screenshot on Instagram voicing his enthusiasm: “This shit looks dope af. I’m definitely gonna be driving if cars look like this. Just please bring a V12 or V10 back please.”

The target is to have a much more firm idea about which direction to go in, with a framework in place by the end of 2019. Brawn says that this will then allow for further refinement over the 2020 season.

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