Formula 1 to simplify aero rules for 2019

Regulations aimed at improving overtaking

Spanish Grand Prix – Formula 1 held a vote amongst teams on Monday to decide the direction of aero dynamics for 2019 and beyond.

According to details released by the F1 Commission on Tuesday, F1’s Strategy Group and the World Motorsport Council agreed on Monday to a few changes to the aero dynamic rules for 2019.

The changes, which they say were approved by electronic votes from the teams, include:

  • Simplified front wing, with a larger span, and low outwash potential
  • Simplified front brake duct with no winglets
  • A wider and deeper rear wing

The approved changes are separate to the ongoing work being undertaken in regard to defining Formula 1’s regulations for 2021 and beyond.

In addition to the aerodynamic changes ratified on Monday, the FIA is continuing to evaluate a range of other measures aimed at encouraging closer racing and boosting overtaking in F1. The currect aero rules are frequently cited as a major factor in the difficulty in overtaking at many of the sport’s current race tracks, due to cars being unable to follow closely enough in the turbulent air thrown up by the car in front of them.

A raft of other measures have already been put in place for 2019, including an increase in race fuel allowance to allow drivers to race at full power for longer, the separation of driver weight from car weight to end the disadvantage of heavier drivers, and the requirement that drivers wear biometric gloves.

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