Fundraiser for Martin Donnelly after accident

Former F1 driver Martin Donnelly is currently ill in hospital with injuries from a moped accident in Ireland last week.

Martin Donnelly, the Irish racing driver who suffered critical injuries in a horrific crash at Jerez in 1990 while driving for Lotus, is currently in hospital after a moped accident last week.

While driving around Ireland on a charity ride, Donnelly fell off his moped and was hit by another rider. Having already suffered traumatic leg injuries from his Jerez crash, his left leg has rebroken and has become infected. Having gone through operations already, amputation has become a real threat.

To help with medical expenses and living costs as he is now unable to work, his friend Jonathan Lewis has taken to GoFundMe to try helping Martin as he explained: “We all know and love Martin but how many of you know he never made any money in Formula One?”

“He works his nuts off every week, instructing and doing anything he can to try and pay his way. He won’t be happy that I have started this page as he is a proud man. But, as they say, being proud won’t pay his medical and recovery bills.”

“Martin, as you all know, is larger than life and, even with his damaged leg from his F1 Jerez accident, he has continued to be involved in this mad sport we love.

“Only last week. Martin set off on a moped to ride around Ireland to raise money for the teenage cancer trust. During this event he fell off his moped and was hit by another rider. This has broken his already damaged left leg just above his knee.”

“Not good as you can imagine. I want to be totally honest – there is a real possibility Martin could lose his leg – something Martin has fought for over 30  years to keep.”

“As I write this, he has had an operation and they have pinned it but he has an infection. Every day it’s looking worse not better. Basically Martin can not work for a minimum of 3 months if at all and he has no savings. Please my motorsports friends and fans of Martin can you donate any amount to help him.  Every penny we get will go directly to Martin for his personal expenses and medical bills while he can not work.  He will kill me for doing this. But it’s an emergency that needs help.”

As it stands, the fundraiser has raised just over £22,000 with a goal of £50,000. Click here to view the fundraiser page.

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