Gordon Murray teams up with Racing Point to create T.50

Gordon Murray Automotive has partnered with the Racing Point team to create a new ground effect road-legal supercar, called the T.50.

Gordon Murray’s Automotive design company has released more details of its upcoming supercar, called the T.50. Working around a ground effect concept that Murray pioneered in Formula 1 in the late ’70s, the T.50 will feature some of the most advanced aerodynamic concepts ever seen on a road legal car.

An announcement was made on Tuesday that the car will be built with the help and expertise of Racing Point, whose wind tunnel and facilities will be used to fettle the design over the coming months.

The T.50 is due for physical unveiling in May 2020. While the physical aesthetic of the car isn’t dissimilar to what’s been seen before from the likes of Pagani, Ferrari and McLaren, the T.50 features a 400mm ground effect fan at the rear. This is part of the airflow system, which also features active underbody elements and rear aerofoils. According to GMA, this will help create far more aero performance than a conventional supercar.

Murray’s exploits with ground effect in the past have become somewhat legendary in the forty years since Niki Lauda dominated the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix at Anderstorp. Driving a unique Brabham BT46B penned by Murray, the car was famous for having a bin lid covering a fan at the rear of the car – the fan being used to generate the ground effect. Lauda dominated that race, and the technology was promptly banned. F1 has since favoured generating downforce through airflow over and through the cars, as opposed to generating it from underneath.

“Formula One remains a deep passion of mine, so partnering with Racing Point to develop the T.50 is hugely exciting.” said Gordon Murray. “I’ve dreamt of delivering a road car with a ground-effect fan since I designed the Brabham BT46B F1 racing car in 1978. The system on the T.50 is much more sophisticated than the Brabham’s and will benefit enormously from Racing Point’s expertise and resources.”

Racing Point owner Lawrence Stroll says his own admiration of Murray’s innovative designs with Brabham and, later, McLaren, led to him agreeing to the tie-up between the two companies: “Working on the T.50 with Gordon Murray Automotive is an honour and a privilege for everyone at Racing Point. Our aerodynamicists will utilise our wind tunnel to harness the very latest Formula One expertise and experience for the T.50 project, ensuring Gordon’s revolutionary fan concept delivers its full potential.”

“I have admired the design and engineering skills of Gordon Murray since his earliest days in Formula One, so it is a personal pleasure to support this project, which truly rewrites the rulebook on aerodynamics.”

The majority of the 100 cars to be produced have already found willing customers, who are going to be handing out in excess of 2 million pounds sterling to get their hands on a T.50. GMA say the majority of these customers are in the USA and in Japan.

Visit Gordon Murray’s website for more info on the specification of the T.50

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