Grosjean: ‘Old lady’ Haas will return at Sochi

Monza, Italy

Italian Grand Prix – Haas’ Romain Grosjean says that the older-spec Haas VF19 will return as an option at the Russian Grand Prix.

In an attempt to get on top of their ongoing woes regarding their 2019 development and tyre usage, Haas have experimented in recent races. While Kevin Magnussen ran the latest-spec car with all the most recent developments, Romain Grosjean ran his car in the spec it was for the very first race of the year in Australia back in March.

Doing this experiment for the British, German and Hungarian Grands Prix, Haas are running their two cars in the latest spec for Belgium and Italy due to the low downforce requirements not suiting the old-spec car. Grosjean says that the Singapore race will be the same, before the return of the ‘old lady’ for Sochi.

“In Singapore, we keep the latest spec and in Sochi we will bring back the old spec. But then, we will try to fit parts – new parts on mine and old parts on Kevin’s. Then we will have the option to run that same car on Saturday. This means that three chassis will be modified and we can easily swap from ‘old lady’ to ‘new lady’ or a mixture of the two in terms of parts.”

Magnussen: Haas’ problems unlikely to be fixed before 2020.

“Its an option. If everything is working as it should and everything doing as it should then you shouldn’t have to do that but we’ve had stuff not exactly working the way as it should work. It’s trying to do with the manual rather than with the computer.”

Explaining how the car, in new spec, worked out for him in Belgium, Grosjean said: “The Hockenheim package is better one than the Barcelona one. In that aspect, we are heading in the right direction but we started practice Friday morning at Spa – we did the first run. I came back around and said “guys, its actually not too bad. We are very slow on the straights though, we need to remove some downforce. We did, I went out, came back in and said “that’s not runnable.” But the other one wasn’t runnable either as it was too slow! So we’ve no pace.

Then we ran the low downforce on Friday and that was the worse car that you can even imagine. Ayo came to me and said “You are right. We’ve got to put downforce in the car to get lap time!”

It’s not enjoyable to not be fast on the straight but at least we can drive the car. If we had Michelin or Bridgestone, all our issues would be fine. Because we’re focusing so much on the tyres and getting them to work, everything becomes fifty times worse.”

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