Hamilton jubilant after German GP win

The reigning world champion charged from 14th to win

Despite long odds, Lewis Hamilton managed to come from the back half of the pack to take the victory in Hockenheim

When his car stopped due to an hydraulic failure in qualifying for the German Grand Prix, it looked decreasingly likely that Lewis Hamilton would be able to topple Sebastian Vettel from the championship lead this weekend.

However, he managed to silence all doubters and take the win at the Hockheimring in the German Grand Prix after Sebastian Vettel crashed and rain and various strategies played a big part in the way things transpired.

Post race, Hamilton was in equal parts jubilant and defiant: “It’s obviously highly unlikely from that position – but you’ve always got to believe. The team did a fantastic job today. I’m so grateful. Hopefully this solidifies the belief. For those who don’t know me, now they do.”

After the podium celebrations, Hamilton tweeted, “I wish I could describe this feeling right now… What a day, true proof that you should never give up!! The team did such a great job as they always do, I can’t thank them enough! I kept the belief and it came true”, echoing his earlier sentiment.

Hamilton’s victory and Vettel’s DNF saw the Brit go 17 points ahead of his main championship rival.

Read our race report from the German Grand Prix here.


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