Kvyat blames Raikkonen for late race clash

Marina Bay, Singapore

Singapore Grand Prix – Daniil Kvyat said that Raikkonen’s defence was “suicide” when the pair clashed at Turn 1 towards the end of the race.

Daniil Kvyat finished the race classified in P15 after a late race collision between him and Kimi Raikkonen at Turn 1.

Raikkonen came under pressure for P12 in the closing stages of the race, with Daniil Kvyat trying to dive up the inside of the Alfa Romeo driver as the pair started Lap 50. However, Raikkonen seemed unaware of Kvyat’s move and turned in as normal to the corner. Bouncing off each other, Raikkonen’s left front suspension collapsed and he was out of the race on the spot. Kvyat continued but lost positions and limped home to P15.

After the race, Kvyat made no bones about where he felt the blame lay: “He tried to suicide himself to be honest, moving a lot under braking and he just turned in on me. He does this a lot unfortunately and today he paid the price.”

While the Russian blamed the Finn for the clash, Kvyat also held his hands up to admit he hadn’t driven well in the race: “I didn’t do good overtaking today, I messed up every move I did today so very poor driving. But it’s the first race this year where I can raise my hand and say I drove very poorly so it’s OK, this happens. We’ll throw this one in the bin and move onto the next one.”

“I don’t want to make any excuse, but I also had to deal with some kind of ‘fog’ on my mirrors, which made it harder to defend – I just had to give more space due to the lack of visibility. Finally, the collision with Kimi damaged my car making it even harder, but at the end my race was already compromised.” explained Kvyat.

The pair were summoned before the stewards for the incident, with the decision coming that there was to be no further action after both agreed it was a racing incident, with neither predominantly to blame in the eyes of the stewards.

Speaking afterwards, Raikkonen’s simple explanation of his view of the clash with Kvyat was: “When I looked at the straight he was quite far behind, but when I was turning in I saw him in the corner of my eye but then it was too late to react.”


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