Lauda funeral arrangements made known as F1 set to pay tribute

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco Grand Prix – The funeral arrangements for Niki Lauda have been outlined by Austrian media, with F1 set to pay tribute to its former Champion before and after Sunday’s race in Monte Carlo.

Lauda, who died earlier this week at the age of 70 following months of poor health, will be remembered with a minute’s silence immediately prior to the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday. Along with the twenty Formula 1 drivers of this year’s grid, they will be joined by Niki’s contemporaries and peers. They will all be holding red caps, in honour of Lauda’s preference for red caps over the 43 years since his Nurburgring crash.

On the slow-down lap following the race, Formula 1 has invited every single person involved and fan at home to “wear a red cap, display a message on a banner, or simply applaud, while those watching from the yachts in the harbour can sound their klaxons, anything appropriate to honour the memory of one of the sport’s true heroes.”

According to Austrian media, Lauda’s funeral will be held in Vienna next Wednesday. The service will be held at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, with fans able to visit and pay tribute to him between 8am and 12pm. The requiem service, from 1pm, will be closed to the public, with only Niki’s family, friends and close colleagues in attendance. A large turnout from Formula 1 is expected, particularly from the Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren teams with whom Niki spent the majority of his career working with and racing with.

According to their reports, Lauda is set to be buried in an undisclosed racing suit and will be accompanied to the hearse by Formula 1 drivers.

The teams themselves are also paying tribute to the three time World Champion, with McLaren and Ferrari running stickers on their cars to mark his World Championships with them. Mercedes will run their car with a red star on their engine cover, as well as turning their Halo completely red.

Lauda Mercedes
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