Magnussen: 2019 cars feel easier to follow

Kevin Magnussen believes that the regulation changes for this season have succeeded in making Formula One cars easier to follow.

Off the back of a busy day for the Haas driver, where he completed well over 100 laps for the team, the Dane was able to give his opinion on being able to follow another car.

Speaking at the end of the test day, he believed that the regulation changes – which include bigger, less complicated wings – are succeeding in making cars easier to follow.

“I followed a car today, and it really feels a lot better compared to last year,” said Magnussen.

“There are so many people, even guys from here, who said when the car was in the wind tunnel, before the cars were on track, that it wouldn’t make any difference. Following a car today I felt a big difference, it felt completely different. I could actually follow [a car].

“I was a lot faster than the guy I was following, and I passed him on the lap that I caught him.

“I was behind him for maybe a lap-and-a-half.”

Whilst Magnussen added that he had a big speed differential to the car leading car, he explained that he already felt improvements in the way the car handled in the ‘dirty’ air.

“I must’ve been around two seconds faster. In which case, you would’ve also passed them last year, but, the feeling of the car behind the other car, it felt different, much better.

“The whole car just feels more consistent and stable behind another car, so I’m looking forward to seeing if other tracks are the same.

“There’s always other factors that you might’ve overlooked, so you go to another track and it might be different. First signs are good.

Magnussen jokingly added; “maybe it’s too easy now with these big rear wings and we won’t be racing anymore!”

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