McLaren tease blue car ahead of official launch Friday morning

New McLaren colour scheme teased

McLaren Launch – McLaren launch their new MCL33 bright and early on Friday morning.

McLaren will be the focus of the Formula 1 community on Friday as they take the covers off their new MCL33. Powered by Renault, there is a lot of excitement amongst fans about the car that may return the team to competitiveness after years in the doldrums while in an overwhelmed Honda collaboration.

The car will be officially launched at 7am GMT on Friday morning, with an online reveal being streamed on social media.

There has been a lot of hints that the new car will feature a blue colour scheme, but this may be diversionary tactics from McLaren. Their recent IndyCar effort was fully orange, and the 2017 car featured a prominent orange and black colour scheme. Fernando Alonso’s new helmet is prominently blue, while advertising pictures from the team have featured both colours heavily.

However, a leaked image online suggests that the new car is fully orange, after a picture was snapped of the car being unloaded from a transporter. An errant gust of wind blew the cover up, revealing an orange livery. However, this is an unconfirmed picture.

The team’s 2018 race drivers are Fernando Alonso & Stoffel Vandoorne.

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