Miami Grand Prix proposes new circuit layout

The Miami Grand Prix organisers have proposed a new circuit layout, which will use the Hard Rock Stadium’s car parks and periphery.

In an effort to appease local protest groups, the Miami Grand Prix organisers have put forward a new circuit layout which will no longer use any of 199th Street.

Since the reveal in October that a commercial agreement with Formula 1 is in place for a Miami Grand Prix to be held at the Miami Dolphin’s Hard Rock Stadium, there have been numerous administrative roadblocks as local protest groups complain about the environmental impact of such an event. This includes protesting about the required closing of 199th Street, a vital artery in the Miami Gardens district.

Vocal opponent District Commissioner Barbara Jordan last week revealed the latest item she will present to the County Commission at a meeting on January 22nd – namely one that will force Formula 1 and the Miami Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel to seek special dispensation to hold a Miami Grand Prix. Jordan’s jurisdiction includes the entire Hard Rock Stadium district.

“The item revises regulations relating to the Stadium zoning district.” explained Jordan at the protest meeting held last week. “It changes the Stadium District requirement for approval by both the City of Miami Gardens and the County Commission. It establishes a special exception and approval process that would require the applicant (Formula 1/Miami Dolphins) to request a special exception approval from Miami Gardens to have the event.”

“The City of Miami Gardens would have to have a public hearing, where the applicant would be required to provide an environmental and pollution and noise study, a site plan and an impact mitigation plan as well as safety features. That would give the community a chance to hear exactly what is being brought into the community.” Jordan continued.

With the next County Commission meeting and vote scheduled for Wednesday evening this week, a new proposed layout has been released by the Miami Dolphins, one which would only use the parking areas around the stadium.

Miami Grand Prix facing new administrative challenge

“The F1 Miami Grand Prix will showcase Miami-Dade and Miami Gardens to the World.” said Dolphin’s CEO Tom Garfinkel. “World-class racing without using 199th St, and no racing during school hours. We hope the County Commission will support our effort to deliver this huge global event to you!”

However, Commissioner Jordan said she intends to keep leading local protests until all administrative blocks are exhausted. She said she’s already uncovered three more stumbling blocks to bring up at County Commission meetings and “[I’m going to keep bringing up items] every darn meeting I can, until they go away.”

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