Ricciardo hints at retiring the ‘Shoey’

Australian's popular podium celebration may be coming to an end.

British Grand Prix – Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo says that he thinks the ‘Shoey’ has run its course, and may not want to do them again in the future.

The Australian racing driver’s now customary podium celebration is to remove one of his sweaty racing shoes, filling it with champagne, and drinking from it. It’s a crowd pleaser, and others have partook of ‘the amber nectar’ by joining in the fun. Recently, Sir Patrick Stewart, David Coulthard & Martin Brundle have all done the ‘Shoey’ with Ricciardo on the podium, and Daniel now says he didn’t even want to do it at the most recent events:

“Most of the last ones have come from the other ones (on the podium) wanting it! Not the drivers, but the interviewers. They’ve been wanting to do it! Even in Baku, i wasn’t planning on doing it. DC took my shoes off and, then, in Austria, Martin was practically frothing for it. I feel like there’s some really sick bastards around here!”

“Even yesterday, people were shouting at me to do it. I’m walking along, minding my own business, and people will shout at me to do a shoey. I’m not going to take my shoes off in the middle of the street and take a gulp out of it! I feel like I’ve dug a hole with this one and, on that note, I feel like it’s run its course. It’s been fun, but we’ll see what happens.”

His fellow drivers have been less receptive. Valtteri Bottas had no interest in taking part after winning the last race in Austria, with Ricciardo saying:

“I’ve heard the Finns drink, I really heard that. Valtteri did not carry out his flag well in Austria though. I mean, shame on him! Valtteri Bottas….I’m disappointed!”

Lewis Hamilton also doesn’t want to take part, saying:

“I’ve made my thoughts on ‘the toejam’ clear. The juice from the foot is not something I wish to drink, especially someone else’s!”

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