Are Mercedes about to reveal a radical livery?

Mercedes have teased a pre-launch shot of their new W10 which suggests the car may have an alternative livery to start the year…

While Mercedes are known as the ‘Silver Arrows’ and have run predominantly in that colour ever since their return to Formula 1 in 2010, the team have teased that they may be about to show off their new car with a completely different look.

Taking to social media, Mercedes revealed a teaser shot of what appears to be the front wing of their new W10 but with a camouflaged livery. The colour scheme uses the teal/turquoise accessory colour that Mercedes also use in deference to their main sponsor Petronas.

The caption may say ‘Silver is so last season’ but it’s unlikely that Mercedes will be running the W10 in anything but a slightly altered version of their normal livery. What is more likely is that the team are opting to use a testing livery in camouflage – they won’t be the first contemporary team to have done this.

In 2015, Red Bull Racing testing their RB11 with a black & white camouflage livery known as the ‘CamoBull’ which proved to be very popular with fans. However, once racing begain, the team switched back to their usual brand livery.

Red Bull Racing
Red Bull/Getty

The W10 is due for launch on February 13th, with images being released by Mercedes after the car completes a shakedown filming day at Silverstone. The event is closed to the public and media. For 2019, the car will be raced by Lewis Hamilton & Valtteri Bottas.

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