First Grand Prix with new F1 logo revealed

First event in 24 years to use new logo

Australian Grand Prix – The first F1 event in 24 years to use the sport’s new logo have revealed their full new artwork ahead of the season opener in Melbourne.┬áThe Australian Grand Prix revealed the new artwork on social media, ahead of the event in March – the first race since the 1994 Brazilian Grand Prix to use a new logo for F1.

With Formula 1 changing ownership last year, now in the possession of Liberty Media, the new owners have immediately sought to make the sport more accessible for the digital age. This includes a visual rebranding, with the old logo phased out after 23 years.

Speaking at the new logo’s unveiling after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November, F1’s marketing director Sean Bratches said the old logo had been problematic for use digitally:

“We hold in high regard the incumbent mark. It’s served Formula One extremely well for the past 23 years but in terms of where we’re taking the business and our vision for the business, it’s the negative space in the ‘1’ doesn’t come through candidly in digital.

“In fact if I had marked or polled the number of people who I have met and discussed the mark since I’ve gotten here, many of them went years and years not understanding that the invisible space between the left and the right was actually a ‘1’. So we wanted to keep it simple and clear, and I think that’s important for our digital space.”

The Australian Grand Prix holds the season opener on March 25th.

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