Mercedes unfazed over suspension row

Mercedes are not concerned about the potential strike at the first race in Australia from teams regarding aerodynamic use of suspension.

Ferrari were the first team to question the legality of Mercedes and Red Bull’s suspension, highlighting they could be using it for aerodynamic gain, which is illegal in Formula One.

“There have been discussions in the TRM (Technical Regulations Meetings) on suspension and legality. As far as Mercedes is concerned I am very confident and comfortable with the situation,” said Toto Wolff.

“We know what the rules say we are allowed and not allowed to do. I think it is the usual kicking at the beginning of a season and it’s not something that is worrying for us.”

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Charlie Whiting wrote to the teams to clarify the regulations, but it is not known specifically what the teams were told.

It is understood, however, that Whiting’s letters were to explain why the Mercedes system is indeed legal, rather than a warning to the world champions.

“From last year to this year the rule in terms of in-board suspension has not been changed. What was legal last year was legal this year, so there are no changes about that,” said Mercedes Engineering Director Aldo Costa.

“There was only one team that was asking the FIA for clarification. There was a discussion during the technical regulation meeting between the technical directors and a few teams, together with the FIA, are taking ownership [of the issue] to further clarify the doubt that a team has got. Nothing else. There are no changes.

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