“Shield” cockpit protection favoured over Halo for 2018

The “shield” cockpit protection design is now being favoured over the Halo design to improve driver cockpit protection in Formula One.

At the latest meeting of the F1 Strategy Group and F1 Commission in Paris on Tuesday, the continuing development of cockpit safety was discussed.

It was decided to abandon pursuit of the introduction of the Halo for 2018, and to focus instead on a newly prepared “shield” design.

The concept was proposed to the drivers during the Chinese Grand Prix weekend, after concerns over the Halo grew regarding its effectiveness and aesthetics.

While the Halo and Aeroscreen previously tested during Friday practice sessions are additions to the cockpit area of the car, this “shield” is more integral to the front of the chassis and nose.

The transparent screen slopes upwards downwards from in front of the driver, starting just above the driver’s head.

The design has been proven to protect the driver from small pieces of debris, although there is little evidence to suggest it would be more effective than the Halo in regards to larger debris such as loose wheels.

The FIA aims to carry out tests of the new design during the 2017 season for implementation for next year, subject to approval from the World Motor Sport Council.

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