Text updates: Barcelona Test Day Two

Barcelona Testing – Follow our text updates throughout the second day of the first pre-season test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.


Raikkonen fastest as drivers venture to supersofts

18.00: Chequered flag for Day Two. Raikkonen is fastest.

17.48: Raikkonen reaches the 100 lap mark, that’s the second day in a row Ferrari have done so.

17.44: Vandoorne makes sure he doesn’t finish at the bottom of the standings with  1:25.600 to go ahead of Stroll.

17.41: Magnussen on the supersoft improves his time again, he goes fourth ahead of Ocon to go 1.2 seconds off Raikkonen.

17.40: Only 20 minutes remain in today’s running. Still Raikkonen leads the way for Ferrari on the soft tyre, ahead of Lewis Hamilton by two hundredths on the supersoft.

17.26: 100 laps for Kevin Magnussen. A much more productive day for the Haas squad.

17.15: Looks like Bottas’ 66-lap race simulation was quite as smooth as we thought!

17.04: Meanwhile, Vandoorne is on the track and going for a flying lap.

17.02: And the lap count is:

  1. Magnussen/Raikkonen – 92
  2. Bottas – 80
  3. Verstappen – 69
  4. Hamilton – 66
  5. Ocon – 60
  6. Kvyat – 59
  7. Palmer – 43
  8. Giovinazzi – 41
  9. Vandoorne – 30
  10. Stroll – 12

17.00: One hour remains in this session. The order is:

  1. Raikkonen – 1:20.960
  2. Hamilton – 1:20.983
  3. Verstappen – 1:22.200
  4. Ocon – 1:22.509
  5. Bottas – 1:22.986
  6. Kvyat – 1:23.081
  7. Magnussen – 1:23.200
  8. Palmer – 1:24.139
  9. Giovinazzi – 1:24.617
  10. Stroll – 1:26.040
  11. Vandoorne – 1:26.201

16.57: Kvyat puts himself into sixth with a lap on the soft tyres, 1:23.081 for the Russian.

16.50: Vandoorne has managed to hit the track for an install lap. He’s about to go out again to return to his programme.


16.41: 80 laps for Valtteri Bottas today, and he completes his full race simulation. And it’s only Day Two. Amazing stuff.

16.33: Toro Rosso might be facing some issues on the STR12, Kvyat has only done four laps so far this afternoon.

19.26: McLaren have completed the power unit change on Vandoorne’s car. They should be getting on track for the final 90 minutes of the session.


16.04: And here are the lap counts so far:

  1. Magnussen – 92
  2. Raikkonen – 76
  3. Hamilton – 66
  4. Bottas – 62
  5. Kvyat/Verstappen – 44
  6. Ocon – 43
  7. Giovinazzi – 33
  8. Vandoorne – 29
  9. Palmer – 26
  10. Stroll – 12

16.00: Two hours remain, here’s the running order.

  1. Raikkonen -1:20.960
  2. Hamilton – 1:20.983
  3. Ocon – 1:22.509
  4. Bottas – 1:22.986
  5. Verstappen – 1:23.096
  6. Magnussen – 1:23.200
  7. Palmer – 1:24.139
  8. Kvyat – 1:25.012
  9. Giovinazzi – 1:25.983
  10. Stroll – 1:26.040
  11. Vandoorne – 1:26.201


Stroll – “No need to panic” over losing afternoon of running

15.24: Mercedes are indeed covering a full race distance with Bottas this afternoon.


15.17: Raikkonen goes fastest by just two hundredths of a second. The Finn does a 1:20.960 on the soft tyre.

15.08: Looks like Bottas is doing a race simulation. Consistently in the mid 1:26s on the soft tyre at the moment.

14.54: Raikkonen has improved his time two get within two tenths of Hamilton, but he is using the soft tyre, Hamilton’s time was set on supersofts.

14.42: Bottas has wracked up 12 laps already, he’s currently 7th on a 1:25.587 on the soft tyre.

14:30: A series of personal best laps for Giovinazzi. He’s down to a 1:26.976 and up to 19 laps completed.

14:06: Full story on Stroll not taking part in today’s running anymore.

Williams end day two early after Stroll spin

14:03: But he manages to get it going and bring it back to the pits.

14.02: Two minutes in an already a red flag! Giovinazzi the only car on track so the list of suspects is a short one.

14.01: Giovinazzi unsurprisingly the first one out after losing all morning to a power unit change. Palmer needs to get some laps in too, he’s only done one circulation of the Barcelona track today.

14.00: We are green once again. Hopefully fewer reliability issues in this afternoon session!

13.49: Stroll will take no further part in testing today. A lack of spare parts for Williams after his spin this morning.

13.12: Read our morning session report here:

Hamilton fastest, more power unit issues for McLaren

13.08: Results from the session:

  1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes – 1:20.983 (66 laps)
  2. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari +1.848 (47 laps)
  3. Esteban Ocon Force India +2.062 (27 laps)
  4. Kevin Magnussen Haas +2.217 (36 laps)
  5. Max Verstappen Red Bull +2.229 (31 laps)
  6. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso +4.029 (44 laps)
  7. Lance Stroll Williams +5.057 (12 laps)
  8. Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren +5.218 (29 laps)
  9. Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber +12.758 (5 laps)
  10. Jolyon Palmer Renault – no time (1 lap)

13.05: That’s the session over for the morning, Hamilton fastest and with the most mileage.

13.03: Giovinazzi as well, who’s engine change is now complete.

13.02: And Jolyon Palmer, who is finally on the track!

13.02: Never mind! Magnussen taking the opportunity to get some mileage.

13.01: The session has been extended by five minutes but it doesn’t look like anybody will be using that time.

12.55: Still under red flag conditions as the Force India is cleared away. More than likely we’ll finish the morning session under these conditions.

12.47 Red flag for Ocon who has stopped on track at Turn 10.

12.41: Hamilton blitzes his previous best time with a run on the supersoft tyre, he does a 1:20.983. Meanwhile McLaren are changing their power unit for the second time in as many days.

12.34: Less than half an hour to in the session. Here’s the lap count so far:

  1. Hamilton – 59
  2. Raikkonen – 42
  3. Kvyat – 38
  4. Magnussen – 30
  5. Verstappen/Vandoorne – 29
  6. Ocon – 21
  7. Stroll – 12
  8. Giovinazzi – 2
  9. Palmer – 0


Ericsson – Drivers yet to feel the strain of F1 2017

12.22: Hamilton teasing us with a purple sector one and two, but he backed off in the final sector.

12.02: Ocon improves his time to go into third place ahead of Verstappen. He’s 1.4s off Hamilton on the same tyre.

11.44: Sauber having to change the Ferrari power unit in their car, that’s why Giovinazzi hasn’t been out since in install laps at the beginning of the session.


Haas confirms no car updates during testing

11.31: With 90 minutes to go in the morning session, only Giovinazzi and Palmer yet to set lap times, and we are still awaiting the Renault driver on track.

11.28: Magnussen puts his first time of the day in and goes fifth on the medium tyre with a 1:25.432. Meanwhile Raikkonen and Vandoorne improve their times.

11.24: At last the silence is broken by Kevin Magnussen! Only a handful of laps for him so far today and no lap time.

11.20: Wind starting to pick up in Barcelona, sun’s out as well so track temperature now up to 20°C. No cars on track at the moment.

11.05: Ocon straight onto the soft tyre and goes into fourth on a 1:24.488 for his first timed lap of the day.

11.00: At the two hour-mark it’s Hamilton fastest.

  1. Hamilton – 1:21.766
  2. Raikkonen – 1:23.359
  3. Verstappen – 1:23.366
  4. Stroll – 1:26.040
  5. Kvyat – 1:26.121
  6. Vandoorne – 1:26.204
  7. Magnussen – no time
  8. Giovinazzi – no time
  9. Ocon – no time
  10. Palmer – no time

10.51: Ocon has made it onto the track for the first time today. Still yet to see Palmer.


Alonso believes the driver could become less important with higher downforce

10.33 Hamilton still out on soft tyres, he’s just gone back on top to get within a thousandth of his best time from yesterday.

10.28: Slightly worrying we haven’t seen Esteban Ocon on track yet today. His team mate spent all afternoon in the garage yesterday with an exhaust issue.

10.20: Not seen Renault on track yet today, but apparently we will soon.

10.07: Raikkonen on the medium tyre goes fastest on his third flying lap, 1:23.718 to go half a second clear of Hamilton.

10.04: Hamilton retakes the top spot with a 1:24.026 on the soft tyre as Raikkonen puts in his first time of the day to go third.

10.02: Lap count so far:

  1. Stroll – 12
  2. Kvyat – 11
  3. Hamilton – 10
  4. Verstappen – 8
  5. Vandoorne – 7
  6. Raikkonen/Magnussen – 5
  7. Giovinazzi – 2
  8. Ocon/Palmer – 0

10.00 Only four times on the board at the one-hour mark. Teams taking it very easy this morning.

  1. Verstappen – 1:24.794
  2. Stroll – 1:26.040
  3. Hamilton – 1:26.834
  4. Kvyat – 1:28.616

9.49: Verstappen goes even quicker on his second lap, 1:24.794 and he’s now right up the back of Kvyat on track.

9.48: Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen now add to the time tally, Kvyat with a 1:34.684, Verstappen fastest on a 1:25.626 on the soft tyre.

9.43: Green flags quickly back out again and Stroll returns to the track and pits.

9.42: Red flag for Stroll as it looks like he has spun before Turn 10.

9.38: Stroll takes over at the top of the timesheets, 1:26.089 for the Canadian.

9.35: Lance Stroll puts a time on the board, 1:26.263 on the medium tyre, four tenths off Hamilton on the softs.

9.34: Good news McLaren fans! Vandoorne managed to do two more installation laps, seemingly without fault.

9.30: Very little happening on track at the moment, still only Hamilton with a lap time at the moment. Vandoorne has managed to get on track though.

9.28: Breaking news from this morning, GP3 driver Tatiana Calderon signed as Sauber development driver. 

Tatiana Calderon signed as Sauber development driver

9.15: Hamilton the only driver on track at the moment and the only one with a time, 1:26.834 on his sixth lap.


9.07: Oh no, more troubles for McLaren it seems already as Vandoorne comes to a halt on the pit lane entry!

9.03: Red Bull and Ferrari come out of the garage with lots of aero sensors on their cars. Stroll goes to do a flying lap.

9.00: And we are green for Test Day Two!

8.50: Ten minutes to go until the green flag.

8.45: Hamilton was the fastest man on track yesterday, you can read the session report here:

Hamilton edges Vettel to top test day one

8.42: Track temperature is a very trpid 12°C at the moment, so it will be a lot of installation laps and aero runs until the track warms up.

80.41: Red Bull, McLaren and Force India had difficult days yesterday. Expect them to be out early to catch up on mileage.

8.37: You’re driver line-up today is:

Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton/Valtteri Bottas

Red Bull – Max Verstappen

Ferrari – Kimi Raikkonen

Force India – Esteban Ocon

Williams – Lance Stroll

McLaren – Stoffel Vandoorne

Toro Rosso – Daniil Kvyat

Haas – Kevin Magnussen

Reanult – Jolyon Palmer

Sauber – Antonio Giovinazzi

8.35: Morning everyone, welcome to Formula Spy’s text updates for Day Two of Pre-Season testing!

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