Peroni recovering from fractures; ‘Halo saved his life’

Monza, Italy

Italian Grand Prix – Formula 3 racer Alex Peroni is recovering in hospital from a fractured vertebra after a frightening crash on Saturday.

The young Australian racing driver was involved in a terrifying accident during the F3 race on Saturday morning. Running P6, he was launched into the air off a sausage kerb on the outside of the Parabolica with two laps remaining. Landing upside down on the tyre barriers on the outside of the turn, his car bounced hard before landing right side up.

While Peroni initially clambered free and to the medical car by himself, it appears adrenaline was keeping him going as he was later diagnosed with a fractured vertebra and concussion. A further update since has outlined what he is going through in hospital: “He has been immobilised until further scans are performed on his back on Sunday. His D6 vertebra has multiple fractures and the medical staff will decide tomorrow [Sunday] if it’s necessary to operate. Alex is also recovering from concussion with his helmet extensively damaged.”

With Peroni having landed directly upside down on the cockpit area, the Halo seemed to take the worst of the impact. The statement goes on to say: “Alex’s life was saved by the halo, his helmet and the robust modern survival cell. Team Peroni wish to pay tribute to all of those people that have lobbied for constant progress in relation to safety.”

Formula 1 3 Alex Peroni crash Monza Italian Grand Prix

“As soon as possible Alex will return to Tasmania to recover.”

Ruled out of the Formula 3 race on Sunday, Peroni’s crash resulted in the sausage kerb being immediately removed. Several F1 drivers spoke of their shock at seeing the accident, with Pierre Gasly admitting that seeing it has changed his opinion of the Halo’s use in top level single seater racing.

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