Pirelli reveals tyre choices for Bahrain GP

McLaren go aggressive; Hamilton & Vettel identical on choices

Formula One’s tyre supplier Pirelli have revealed the tyre compound choices for round two of the season, the Bahrain Grand Prix.

McLaren are the standout team from the tyre selection information for the race in Sakhir, choosing nine sets of super soft tyres for the event, the maximum allowable allocation.

All other teams appear to have more uniformity in their choices, choosing either seven or eight sets of the super soft tyres and anywhere from three to five sets of the soft tyres.

Last season’s race in Sakhir was predominantly a two-stop race, with only the soft and super soft compounds used.

Sauber attempted a one-stop strategy with Pascal Wehrlein and, whilst they gained places, they ultimately fell short of the points positions.

Despite this, with tyres generally made softer for the 2018 season, the medium tyre could be brought into play if a team feels the need to move onto an alternate strategy.

Pirelli tyre compounds Bahrain Grand Prix
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