Pirelli switches to three tyre colours for 2019

United States Grand Prix – Pirelli have revealed that they will run a condensed range of tyre colours in a bid to simplify the viewing experience.

From next year, Pirelli will run only three colour bands, which will indicate that a driver is running either the soft, medium or hard compound.

One of the minor complaints facing Formula One was the confusion with the current tyre selection, which currently includes four types of ‘soft’ tyre; soft, supersoft, ultrasoft and hypersoft.

The grades of tyre compound will still vary from race-to-race, as they have been this year, but this cleaner method will simply indicate the softest, hardest and mid-range tyres for a given weekend. Pirelli will still declare the specific compounds being used for a race weekend.

“We’ve been talking about this with the Teams, FIA and Formula 1 for a while. The idea behind the change is to make all the tyres more easily recognisable and explainable – especially for television – while still clearly denoting which specific compounds are being used at each race,” commented Pirelli’s head of car racing, Mario Isola.

Pirelli will still used the green and blue bands to indicate the intermediate and full wet-weather tyres.

Next season will be the last year of the current tyre tender and, whilst the Italian manufacturers are also the favourite to continue the supply for 2020 onward, they will face a challenge in the form of Hankook, who have also submitted an application.

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