Pirelli tyre testing resumes at Silverstone

Pirelli have resumed their 2018 tyre compound testing program at Silverstone, with Red Bull Racing, Haas & Williams carrying out the test.

Pirelli’s test program for 2018, carrying out development for 2019, consists of several test sessions over the course of the year. This is separate to the official F1 testing, which has been carried out solely at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya, and wraps up in Hungary next month. The tyre tests consist of every team getting a chance to run a car on behalf of Pirelli, with every team getting a slick tyre test.

In the wake of the British Grand Prix, three teams have stayed on to carry out the test. Haas are fielding Romain Grosjean, Williams have sent Robert Kubica, and Red Bull have sent Sebastien Buemi out.

The teams are not permitted to run any new or development parts and they are also not made aware of the specifics of whatever tyre they are running, in order to make sure that they can’t glean any knowledge ahead of the other teams.

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