Ricciardo’s home race thwarted by wing damage

Australian Grand Prix – Daniel Ricciardo was brought out of contention for points at his home race after losing his front wing on the opening lap.

After narrowly missing out on a Q3 appearance in qualifying, Ricciardo made a good start and was challenging for the top ten places immediately.

However, his race was effectively over before the first corner after he lost his front wing trying to pass Racing Point’s Sergio Perez.

Opting to put half-a-car on the grass, he ran over something – presumably a drain or a piece of concrete – that tore the front wing from his car.

He managed to pit for repairs, but some additional damage meant he had little pace, and Renault chose to retire the car part-way through the race.

“It’s a shame that it’s over so quickly,” said Ricciardo after the race.

“It happened really quickly. At the time, I thought I knew what happened…as in I’ve looked at the replay and it’s pretty much as I saw it behind the wheel.

“No one to blame other than just grass and a big bump of concrete, or a gutter or something. The bump was harsh and obviously I didn’t want to go on the grass in the first place.

“I had a run on Perez and I thought the inside was the best place to go. So, I saw him move a bit and my natural reaction was to just move a bit more, and that last bit of movement just dropped my wheel on the grass.

“But even then I wasn’t concerned. I thought if I put two wheels on the grass I could still carry the momentum, but pretty much as soon as I got on the grass there was the gutter.

“I don’t seem to really have a good break here.”

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