Rich Energy confirm contentious tweet was ‘rogue’

Silverstone, UK

British Grand Prix – Haas title sponsor Rich Energy has confirmed that the tweet ‘cancelling’ their partnership was made by a rogue individual and that the agreement remains in place.

Rich Energy have been embroiled in a bizarre saga this weekend, starting when their Twitter account announced that they were withdrawing from their sponsorship agreement with the Haas Formula 1 team.

Since then, the drinks company has issued a statement to say that the tweet was published by a rogue employee with the company re-iterating their commitment to Formula 1.

“The shareholders who own the majority of Rich Energy would like to clarify certain statements that have been circulated in the media from an unauthorised source.”

“We wholeheartedly believe in the Haas F1 Team, its performance, and the organisation as a whole and we are fully committed to the current sponsorship agreement in place. We also completely believe in the product of Formula 1 and the platform it offers our brand.

Clearly, the rogue actions of one individual have caused great embarrassment. We are in the process of legally removing the individual from all executive responsibilities. They may speak for themselves but their views are not those of the company. The incident is very regrettable; we will not be making further comment on this commercially sensitive matter and will be concluding it behind closed doors.”

“We wish to confirm our commitment to the Haas F1 Team, Formula 1, and to thank the Haas F1 Team for their support and patience whilst this matter is dealt with internally.”

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