Romain Grosjean labelled a hero by his wife after confronting burglars

Haas’ Romain Grosjean had no hesitation about confronting burglars that broke into his home on Monday night.

Upon returning home from the Canadian Grand Prix, Romain Grosjean had a disturbing first night back with his wife and children when burglars broke into his Geneva residence.

The French driver got up to confront the intruders, who promptly ran away.

Taking to Instagram, his wife Marion Jolles Grosjean shared a picture of the broken doorway the attempted burglars used to gain access, and praised her husband for his fearlessness.

“Often, sportsmen who perform great performances are said to be heroes.” she wrote.

“I have never agreed with this term; they do not save the world, they embellish it! Of course, it’s already a lot.”

“Today though, I can tell from my husband that he is both a sportsman and a hero. This French window is the one by which burglars entered our home that night. No one has been hurt happily, and our children will never even know of the fright that has been ours, thanks to Romain who has not hesitated to leap in front of them to block their way and protect his family.”

“I have never liked to display our private life in the press or on the networks, but the heroes win to be known, to be recognized, and I live with one of them. Thank you my love.”

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Souvent, on dit des sportifs qui accomplissent de grandes performances qu’ils sont des héros. Je n’ai jamais été d’accord avec ce terme; ils ne sauvent pas le monde, ils l’embellissent! Bien sûr, c’est déjà beaucoup. Aujourd’hui cependant, je peux dire de mon mari qu’il est les deux: un sportif et un héros. Cette porte-fenêtre est celle par laquelle des cambrioleurs se sont introduits chez nous cette nuit. Personne n’a été blessé heureusement, et nos enfants ne sauront même jamais rien de la frayeur qui a été la nôtre, grâce à @grosjeanromain qui n’a pas hésité à bondir face à eux pour leur barrer le chemin et protéger sa famille. Je n’ai jamais aimé étaler notre vie privée dans la presse ou sur les réseaux, mais les héros gagnent à être connus, à être reconnus, et je vis avec l’un d’entre eux. Merci mon amour. #heros #loveofmylife #courage #merci

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Romain himself also wrote a post on Instagram, where he explained he was glad his children were unaware of the situation: “One of those days. Two guys broke into our house last night… Luckily, they ran away when I went into the corridor. Not the best feeling ever, but we are all safe.”

“Not the best night for us but so thankful we are all safe. Kids didn’t hear a thing. I’m glad they don’t know anything about this bad experience and hope to keep it that way.”

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