Singapore adds a DRS zone for 2019 race

Marina Bay, Singapore

Singapore Grand Prix – The Marina Bay street circuit will feature an additional DRS zone for this year’s race, meaning three zones in total.

While the majority of race venues this year have largely remained the same in terms of DRS (Drag Reduction System) zones since last season, Marina Bay is one of the few that has had a change approved by the FIA for this year.

The tricky and tortuous Marina Bay circuit doesn’t have much in the way of straight lines, meaning overtaking is pretty difficult at the best of times. In an effort to help drivers out, DRS will now be available in three different locations around the lap.

The first zone is the flat out ‘straight’ that is Raffles Boulevard; this being the flat out section between Turns 5 & 7 with a monstrously fast right hand kink at Turn 6.

The new DRS zone comes just after the 90 degree left hander that follows after the Esplanade Bridge. The detection zone is just at the entry to the bridge, with the DRS then available from Turn 13 down into 14.

Finally, the DRS will be available along the pit straight. The detection point is as the drivers swoop through the final corner before having the option to open their rear wings if they are within one second of the car in front.

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