Teams reject 2020 Pirelli tyres; will race with 2019 compounds

Formula 1 will continue to use Pirelli’s 2019 tyre compounds next season, after all the teams voted to reject the new 2020 compounds.

There will be no changes to the tyre compounds offered by Pirelli for the 2020 season, with the existing specification tyres being carried over for another season.

This was after all ten of the Formula 1 teams voted, together with the FIA, against using the new specification Pirellis after comprehensive testing last week.

A statement from the FIA has been released, stating that having tested and analysed the new spec tyres for 2020, ‘a vote for the specification of the tyres for the 2020 Season was carried out. The vote resulted in a unanimous decision to keep the 2019 specification tyres for the 2020 season by the Formula 1 teams.’

The 2020 compounds were met with generally unfavourable feedback from the drivers as they were tried out in practice at the United States Grand Prix before proper testing began last week in Abu Dhabi. The fastest time of the two day Pirelli test was set by a Mercedes on a 2019 C4 compound, just over a tenth clear of what the same car managed on the 2020 C5 compound.

With Pirelli having invested quite a bit of time, money and effort into creating the new spec compounds for 2020, the decision to continue with their current spec means the new specs will never race, as Formula 1 swaps from 13 inch to 18 inch tyres for 2021.

The FIA thanked Pirelli for the work, praising them and the teams for ‘their work and collaboration to improve the tyres for the 2020 season and beyond. In any case, the lessons learnt will be invaluable for the further improvement of the tyres in the future.’

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