Third DRS Zone to debut at Australian GP

Organisers bid to increase overtaking opportunities

A Formula One race will feature three DRS zones for the first time with organisers aiming to increase overtaking opportunities for the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

The number of DRS zones used at the Australian Grand Prix will increase from two to three for the 2018 edition of the event.

Typically at the Albert Park circuit, one DRS detection point is used before turn fourteen, which will allow a chasing car to use the DRS on the start/finish straight and on the next straight and turns one and two.

Now, a second DRS detection point has been placed towards the end of the straight before the fast right-left of turns eleven and twelve. The new DRS activation zone has been put in place after turn twelve.

Whilst it marks the first time that three DRS zones have been used at a Grand Prix weekend, it is not yet known whether additional zones will be added for the remaining races on the calendar.

The Drag Reduction System – which temporarily opens up part of the rear wing to decrease air resistance and improve straight-line speed – was introduced in 2011 in a bid to increase the number of overtaking opportunities during a Grand Prix.

In a Grand Prix weekend there are two zones in which the system can be used, these are typically placed on the longest straights on the circuit.

There are sometimes exceptions to the rule, for example the Monaco Grand Prix only uses one DRS zone for safety reasons.

If a chasing car is within one second of the car in front, the wing opens up and the chasing car will have extra straight-line speed in order to challenge for the position.

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