Three DRS zones for Hockenheim

German Grand Prix – F1’s return to the Hockenheimring next week sees a tweaking of the DRS zones, with a confirmed third area now in place.

Formula 1 returns to Hockenheim for the first time in two years next weekend and, in keeping with a recent spate of extra DRS zones, the circuit has been allocated three DRS areas for the race.

Along with the existing zone on the straight between Turns 1 & 2, the second zone along the long back straight has been extended from earlier coming off Turn 4.

The pit straight has also been granted DRS zone status for this year, coming off Turn 17 and into the first corner. Despite there being three zones, just two DRS detection points will be used. One is on the approach to the second zone along the back straight, with the other one in the stadium section being used as the detection point for the other two zones.

Unlike Silverstone last week, the DRS zones for this race don’t include a corner – a controversial decision was made for the British Grand Prix to include Turns 1 & 2 in a DRS zone, giving drivers the option to keep it open through corners. There were several crashes over the weekend as a direct cause of this.

DRS, the Drag Reduction System, allows drivers who are within a second of any car ahead of them on track to open their rear wing flap. This reduces the downforce and increases straightline speed.



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