Toro Rosso: Honda causing us “no compromise”

Toro Rosso have dismissed any thoughts of issues with the Honda power unit for their team, commenting that they have not been compromised by their supplier.

With Red Bull Racing yet to make any attempts to move towards the top of the timing sheets, reports had emerged that power unit suppliers Honda had been suffering from vibration issues in this early phase of testing.

Naturally, Red Bull have been tight-lipped on any power unit problems, and Honda themselves have also not been drawn in by the rumours.

Honda have also continued their association with the Toro Rosso team this year, whom they supplied in 2018 before also joining Red Bull.

When asked about any vibration issues – or power unit issues in general – Toro Rosso’s deputy technical director Jody Egginton said that Toro Rosso haven’t been compromised by Honda during the test.

Whilst this does not rule out the reported issues for Red Bull, this could suggest that any problems are solely on the Red Bull side, if they exist at all.

“In terms of extra logging on the engine, Honda are running their normal tests with looms and sensors. Their engine programme has been fantastic in these three days,” said Egginton.

“Honda are working along in the background, doing their thing, it’s fantastic. They’re causing us no compromise.

“Like every PU manufacturer, Honda have been very busy over the winter, working on the next steps, and we’re carefully evaluating what they’ve learned over the winter and introducing them step-by-step and pushing forward. Every manufacturer is nowhere near the edge of the operating envelope on the PU. Compared to this time last year, the engine has taken a fantastic step forward, and I think that was clear at the end of last year.”

He added that the continuity with Honda has been a benefit to the team, who have had numerous changes of engine supplier since they joined the grid in 2006.

“We’ve picked up from where we left it last season, plus we’re familiar with the guys that work there now. It’s been quite seamless for the majority of us in the garage.

“So, from the Honda side, they’re just getting on with it and we’re leaving them to run their Honda programme.

“Honda were strong on in-season development last season. They’ve found a lot of kilowatts, they’ve moved forward very rapidly and we’ve ended the season in that situation. It was already a big step from the start of the [2018] season.”

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