Toro Rosso launch their 2019 car, the STR14

The Toro Rosso team have revealed their new 2019 F1 car to the world. The STR14 was revealed online on Monday.

The first ‘true’ 2019 car to be launched after Haas revealed their 2019 car through studio renders last week, the Toro Rosso STR14 is hotly anticipated as one of the leading contenders of the midfield.

Powered by Honda, the new car will be driven by Daniil Kvyat, who returns to Toro Rosso after a year working with Ferrari as a simulator driver. He’ll be joined by rookie Alexander Albon; the British/Thai driver who turned out a Nissan Formula E drive to enter Formula 1.

“…as is always the case before the start of a season, it’s too early to say and we don’t want to set a specific target – at least not now.” said team boss Franz Tost at the launch. “All things considered, the quality of the synergies with Red Bull Technology, the belief in our very high level of in-house technical knowledge, the impressive development trajectory Honda has shown so far, and the couple of strong young drivers we have available make me feel confident…”

Kvyat, who raced for Toro Rosso prior to his promotion to Red Bull Racing in 2015 and then again after his demotion shortly into 2016, returns for another crack at the whip. He says that he’s optimistic for a strong 2019: “We don’t know exactly where we’re going to be. Like everyone else, we are working hard to put the best package together and the best thing I can do for myself is to work as hard as possible on myself and on my performance. I believe in the guys in the team. They know what they’re doing. Me and my engineering crew will do everything we can to squeeze the maximum out of the package we’re given by the team. I think we’re looking good and I feel that everyone is motivated and focused. I can see that, and it gives me confidence for the future.”

Taking to social media, the junior Red Bull team proudly showed off their new car in a series of studio shots that show the car in a wind tunnel.

Check out our full image gallery of the new Toro Rosso STR14.

The Toro Rosso has gained a reputation in recent years for having one of the best liveries in the sport, and the 2019 car continues their recent colour scheme of a darker blue with silver and red as accessory colours.

Alex Albon had signed a deal to race with Nissan in Formula E this season but extricated himself from his contract when Red Bull’s Dr. Helmet Marko expressed an interest in him coming onboard in Formula 1. He says that he’s not yet setting himself any targets for the upcoming season: “In general, the way I’ve gone about my career and my racing, is I never set any goals on anything. Every year, it was just each race, take it step by step, focus and race in that session – whatever it would be, practice, qualifying, the race. Just take it as it is. If you start setting long-term goals, you just put unnecessary pressure on yourself. I’m just focused on myself and let’s see how it all goes.”

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