Verstappen “might head butt someone” if repeatedly asked about incidents

Red Bull driver vents frustration in Canadian GP press conference

Canadian Grand Prix – Max Verstappen has vented his frustration at the number of questions he’s been asked regarding his form.

The Dutchman has had a turbulent start to the season and has been involved in numerous incidents which have hampered his point-scoring opportunities.

Both Verstappen and senior members of the Red Bull team have previously spoken about a “change of approach” to reduce the number of errors.

However, speaking ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, when Verstappen was questioned about his approach to Grands Prix, he gave a frustrated response.

“I get really tired of all the comments of me, that I should change my approach, so I will never do that because it’s brought me to where I am now,” said Verstappen.

“Of course, at the beginning of the year it’s not been going that well, or not the way I like it. A few mistakes, especially Monaco and China, but it doesn’t make sense to keep talking about it, because I get really tired of it and it just feels like there are no better questions out there other than to keep asking me about previous weekends. So, I’m just focusing on what’s ahead and I’m confident that I can turn things around.

“The speed is there. I’ve been quick every single weekend. It would be much more of a problem if I was really slow, because that’s a more critical problem.”

When pressed on the reasons for the incidents, he added:

“I don’t know. Like I said at the beginning of this press conference, I get really tired of all the questions. I think if I’ll get a few more I’ll head butt someone.

“Of course, I haven’t scored the points which I should’ve scored, which is not only my fault.

“It could’ve been better, but everybody makes it so dramatic.”

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